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PRO-3 Series OTDR

The Precision Rated Optics PRO-3 Series OTDR is the most affordable Hand-Held OTDR on the Market today with all of the features of more expensive units. Features such as Trace Overlay, Visual Fault Locator, Color Display, One Button Autotest and Event Analysis are included with the PRO-3 Series OTDR (plus an optional Loss Test Set). This unit is available in dual single mode, dual multimode and Quad versions.
The PRO-3 Series OTDR’s abundant dynamic range and a 2 meter dead zone, makes it ideal for links up to 240km as well as being perfect for short LAN links within the facility. Use the integrated power meter and light source options to accomplish insertion loss test measurements.
Trace analysis and reporting is fast and easy with the Pass/ Fail feature, onboard event table or the supplied Telcordia SR4731 compatible software with multi-trace capability. The PRO-3 Series OTDR has on board storage of 1000 traces and 10,000 lost tests with the ability to download traces directly to your computer via USB cable.

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Precision Rated Optics - FBE-300 OTDR (FiberBase Enabled)
FBE-300 Bluetooth OTDR - FiberBase Enabled
FBE-300 Bluetooth OTDR – FiberBase Enabled

Precision Rated Optics FBE-300-MM

The USA made FiberBase® enabled OTDR is controlled by any 2.2 or newer Android® device with Bluetooth capability. The display size is determined by the Droid® device. The PRO-FBE-OTDR is the most affordable OTDR on the market today. Using a smart phone or tablet to control the OTDR affords the user many options, such as user-friendly management and file transfer. This unit is available in SM, MM and Quad wavelength options. Testing is made simple and fast with the press of the Auto- Test button. Tap an event and the active cursor moves directly to that event on the trace. With the offered dynamic ranges and a 2-meter dead zone make it ideal for up to 240km as well as being perfect for short LAN links within the facility. Weighing in at just over one pound, this OTDR is ideal for all conditions. With the remote capability of the Android operating system, you always have the screen in the best operation position possible. Files are saved in .sor Telcordia format and can be transferred to a PC or laptop if desired. Trace storage is only limited to the capability of the Droid® device

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OTDR plus Eight Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer

OTDR plus CWDM Channel Analyzer
OTDR plus CWDM Channel Analyzer
PRO-8CW-35SMVFP- OTDR plus CWDM Channel Analyzer

Product Description


The PRO-8CW/35SMVFP is a true multi-tasker with all the features and applications found in much higher priced test equipment. This is a dual wavelength OTDR, Eight Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer, Stable Light Source, Broadband Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator and Video Inspections Scope all in one unit.

The OTDR has a 36/34dB (1310/1550) dynamic range and a short 1 meter dead zone. The Channel Analyzer has a 1/4 second refresh rate while scanning the top eight CWDM channels on the ITU grid (1471-1611nm). For flexibility the channel numbers are selected in wavelength or frequency and the information  is displayed in graph and table mode on the 4 inch, high brightness color LCD. This unit can store up to ~500 OTDR traces, 1000 CWDM  scans, 10000 LTS measurements and 50 Video Scope images. Tests  can be downloaded via the USB PC or USB flash ports and documented
with the included Cert-Soft certification software to create professional  reports. The video scope helps ensure connector cleanliness and integrity prior to connecting to the fiber optic port. The onboard Help system guides new users through operation and assists in parameter settings. The PRO-8CW/35SM is housed in a rugged metal enclosure with a robust protective boot.