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The NOYES C850 Certification OTDR from AFL combines multiple functionality in a hand-held test set designed for testing and inspecting multimode and single-mode fibers. The C850 integrates an OTDR with optical light sources (OLS), an Optical Power Meter (OPM), Visual Fault Locator (VFL) and inspection capability for testing and troubleshooting enterprise networks.

Touch and Test®

Touch and Test® user inteface, OTDR Auto modes, OPM Wave ID, and pass/fail thresholds simplify the user experience, reduce training time and testing errors enabling even novice users to get the job done quickly and accurately. This allows users to bid more competitively and win more jobs.

The NOYES C850 OTDRs with Touch and Test® combines ease of use and functionality for performing OTDR and loss testing of optical fibers in enterprise networks (campus and buildings). OTDR and OPM test results for the same fibers are stored in logical job folders by cables allowing for easy review, selection, maintenance and report generation using supplied Windows compatible software.

C850s can be used in pairs or with a C840 to perform Tier 1 dual wavelength, two fiber bidirectional tests. Loss and length can be measured and compared to ISO/TIA/EN or User standards or applications to provide pass/fail feedback regarding the fibers ability to meet the acceptance criteria to be certified. See also C860 and C880 test kits.

More Features

  •   Save time and money using test equipment with integrated functions
  •   Optical Light Sources SM 1310/1550 nm and MM 850/1300 nm
  •   OPM and VFL
  •   Settable Pass/Fail event thresholds to standards or user specified values
  •   Test Results Manager TRM™ reporting software for analyzing results, documenting networks and creating acceptance reports

Ordering Information

Each C850 OTDR kit includes the C850 OTDR, USB Flash drive, PC software for OTDR trace analysis and certification or OPM loss reporting, AC adapter, switchable test port adapters, and cleaning supplies.

     C850 OTDR, soft case
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, fiber rings
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, OFS300-200C, fiber rings
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, charger and spare battery, fiber rings
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, fiber rings
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, OFS300-200C, fiber rings
     C850 OTDR, soft and hard cases, charger and spare battery, fiber rings

Prepaid Calibration Plans

PN Description
CAL2-00-C850 2 Year  Cal Plan for C850
CAL2-01-C850 2 Year  Cal Plus Plan for C850


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