CMA5000a OTDR w/ Chromatic Dispersion

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The field portable CMA5000a OTDR/Chromatic Dispersion application is a dedicated module that combines the advanced capabilities of Anritsu’s OTDR technology with Anritsu’s experience in Chromatic Dispersion.  The CMA5000a OTDR/CD measurement system is based upon the industry accepted time-of-flight measurement method (FOTP-168) and uses multiple wavelengths to increase the accuracy of the measurement.  Only a single fiber is needed to test dispersion slope and zero-dispersion wavelength as well as traditional OTDR characteristics of loss, length and attenuation on all single mode fiber types.  This provides carriers and service providers increased revenue through optimized network bandwidth, while improving efficiency and reducing operational expenses through proper CD mitigation and compensation techniques.

Chromatic Dispersion Specifications

6 wavelengths
1310-1625 nm
37 dB (100 km)
Measurement accuracy
0.7 ps / nm or ± 4%


  • Two key measurements from a single investment
  • FOTP-168 compliant time-of-flight CD measurement
  • Complete 1310/1550/1625 nm OTDR testing capabilities
  • Requires only a single fiber for testing


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