CMA5000a OTDR w/ PMD module

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Before any network upgrades are performed, PMD should be tested to see what the physical limitations are.   The CMA5000a PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion) module is designed to assess the capability of each fiber in the network and verify which transmission rates any given fiber can support.   The CMA5000a PMD module can also identify fibers that are capable of the highest transmission rates, allowing service providers to assign these to key customers or the most demanding communications.



  • Patented technique based on Michelson interferometer
  • Test through multiple EDFAs
  • Solutions for all band testing: 1310nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
  • Fast measurement time: 8 seconds
  • Up to 64dB to fully characterize any system
  • Compliant to EIA/TIA FOTP-124 and IEC-6194


PMD Module Specifications

Specification Value
Wavelength range
1250 to 1650 nm
Random PMD measurement range *1
80 ps
Deterministic measurement range *2
160 ps
1% ± 0.06 ps (for weakly coupled fiber)
1% ± 0.06 ps (for strongly coupled fiber)
Measurement time (scanning range of 45 ps)
8 seconds
Measurement time (scanning range 160 ps)
EDFA Testing

PMD Source Specifications



1550 HP

1310 and 1550

1550 and 1625

1550 C + L

Output Power
+2 dBm
+11 dBm
-1 dBm
-2 dBm
-10 dBm
Dynamic range * 3
55 dB
64 dB
52 dB
51 dB
43 dB
Minimum measurable PMD
0.06 ps
0.08 ps
0.06 ps
0.065 ps
0.035 ps
Battery operation
9 hours continuous (typically 30 hours)


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