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Introducing The AXS-110 Series

The AXS-110 Series from EXFO, features a set of rugged, lightweight, handheld OTDRs optimized for access/FTTx and LAN/WAN network testing. With a single unit for testing singlemode as well as 50 and 62.5 um multimode fiber, and wavelenghts of 850, 1300, 1310, 1550 nm with respective dynamic ranges of 24, 25, 32, and 30 dB, the AXS-110 series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test applications. The series provides complete connectivity flexibiliy (with USB stick compatability and USB cable download), top user-friendliness (offering one-touch testing, summary screen, macrobend finding) and an unrivaled event dead zone of 0.8 m for easy location and characterization of all events.


Unique Advantages

  • FasTrace function: one-touch testing for top user-friendliness
  • 8-hour power autonomy
  • Lightweight: 1 kg
  • USB port (memory-stick compatible) for easy data transfer
  • Large internal memory (up to 500 results)
  • Transreflective color display for viewing clear results under bright sunlight
  • Superior automated analysis for a better, easier and faster diagnosis
  • Automatic pass/fail analysis and macrobend locating
  • Auto-zoom on events


The AXS-110-QUAD Model

  • Combines singlemode and multimode capabilities
  • Ideal for enterprise, campus and access networks
  • Offers 850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths
  • Respective dynamic ranges of 24, 25, 32 and 30 dB

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


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